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Standing Beside the Kapululangu Women Elders as they Hold their Law and Culture and Make Their Children Strong


Kapululangu's Elders Urgently Need Women Marlpa (Companion) Volunteers 
If you would like to volunteer with us please email us at kwc.vols@gmail.com 
Read our Volunteers Page and this website to learn more about Kapululangu.


Kapululangu’s elders grew up and were trained in the Old Ways
before the arrival of Kartiya/non-Indigenous people
in their ancestral countries.
This makes them custodians of an immense wealth of stories,
skills and cultural knowledge.  They want to share this wealth. 

The Kapululangu Women's Law and Culture Centre 
was established by Balgo Women Elders to assist them
in fulfilling their obligations as the 
Senior Law Women (Ceremonial Bosses)
Healers, Providers and Protectors 
of their families and Peoples. 

The Kapululangu Elders grew up in the desert
before the arrival of Kartiya (Strangers)
in their Ancestral Countries. 

They are among the few last remaining Aboriginal People 
to have been trained in the Kurralkatjanu Yiwarra (Old Ways). 

They are custodians of an immense wealth of stories,
dances, songs, skills and cultural knowledge.

Kapululangu is the Elders' local Indigenous response to 
their locally-identified problems 
using locally-initiated, culturally-based strategies. 

Kapululangu was established by the Balgo Women Elders 
who wanted to enjoy and to teach
the cultural knowledge
that was passed to them
by their Old People and Ancestors. 

The Elders believe that connectedness with Tjukurrpa
(the Universal Life Force/Dreaming)
through Ceremony, Country and Cultural Awakening 
is an imperative in any attempt to protect their families
from the myriad social problems
impacting their peoples, particularly their young ones.

The peoples' own Law and Culture is the missing piece of the jigsaw.
Education, employment, housing, a strong administration,
improved medical care are all important
but they are all bricks
- - without a strong foundation the wall will fall down.

That strong foundation is made up of Aboriginal People's
own Law (philosopy and discipline of life)
and Culture (traditional and contemporary custom). 

There can be no real and lasting improvement
in remote Aboriginal communities
without the strengthening of a sense of
pride and dignity
in the people's Aboriginality.  
The Elders want their young people
to grow up strong and resilient, 
proud of and knowledgeable in the ways of their people,
secure in their peoples' Law and Culture knowledge,
so that they can better cope with the changing world. 

A peoples' own Law and Culture 
is the glue that holds life together.

The Elders must be recentralised and honoured
as cultural knowledge custodians.
The yearning of the Young Ones
to know themselves must be fulfilled,
and they must be empowered to follow
in the footprints of their ancestors.  

The dances must be danced and the songs sung, 
the stories told,
the connections made with the land, 
and the cosmology experienced. 

Only then can the deep trauma 
caused by decades of cultural colonialism be healed. 

Only then will the people be strong again. 
Strong for Law, Strong for Culture.
"Strong for Law
Strong for Culture"


Kapululangu's Vision 
is of
a vibrant and cohesive community which
honours its Elders,
protects its
Women and Children,
empowers all its residents to
live fulfilling and productive lives
immersed in respect for
self, kin, land and


Please Support the Kapululangu Women 

$20 or even $5 per month
= Cultural Resilience
= Economic Sustainability
= Indigenous Determination

Support Kapululangu Women as your personal initiative
to Closing the Gap.

ou can assist the Kapululangu women 
to  improve the health and wellbeing of
their families by passing their
peoples' Law and Culture
to their younger generations.

It's easy. 
All you need to do is make a monthly programmed payment of
$20 ... or even $10 or $5
... to:  

Kapululangu Aboriginal Women's Association
Commonwealth Bank Kununurra
BSB 066 530
ACN: 10107707


All donations $2 and over are

Kapululangu is an Indigenous Corporation
and a Public Benevolent Institute 
with Deductible Gift Recipient and
Tax Concession Charitable Status.  
ABN: 49137871641


Contact Kapululangu

Kapululangu Aboriginal Women's Association
Private Mail Bag 309 Balgo
via Halls Creek,
Western Australia 6770 Australia
Ph: 0429422645 



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